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Our service here at Care at Home Today has its foundations rooted in more than 10 years of helping people deal with home care issues. The collective experience of our core team totals more than 60 years of caring for highly dependent people of all ages in both professional and domestic settings.

We are professionals in care. We are not a media or advertising company although some care providers do choose to advertise themselves on our website.

 Our team here at Care at Home Today has been established to provide guidance, help, suggestions and recommendations, where appropriate, to those who may be searching for care for themselves, friends or family. We aim to be sympathetic, friendly and considerate and to demonstrate empathy and compassion whilst providing a balanced professional and independent opinion. Our objective is to help people achieve outcomes from their search for care which are the best possible in the circumstances.

There are many resources on the Internet which will give basic factual information about care matters but these cannot tailor their advice to take account of individual circumstances. By necessity they are for the general public and cannot, for example, hold a dialogue with you about the particular situation affecting your loved one. Neither can they provide a balanced endorsement nor specific advice as to appropriate care providers to suit your particular needs and circumstances.....but we can!

Our founding principles are to encourage and facilitate the maintenance of dignity and independent living and the opportunity to exercise well informed choice and decision making by those who are needing care at home.


If you are looking into care at home we can offer you:

  • The opportunity to speak personally to an independent care professional about any matter to do with care at home.
  • Advice and suggestions which should help you find suitable and reliable care providers based upon our own professional  experience together with  feedback which we receive  from people who use home care services.
  • A strict ethics policy which ensures all discussions are confidential and no information at all is revealed which could possibly identify any individual to any third party without their specific expressed consent.
  • Information about how home care might be paid for and where you might seek funding and support.
  • Referrals, when requested, to other trusted professionals and experts
  • An impartial, confidential and anonymous channel through which you can provide a review and/or feedback about any care related service which you have encountered. This gives you the opportunity to vent your concerns or voice your praise for any particular care provider or other care related service and this in turn helps us use our influence to improve care services.  


Our team members are mostly volunteers who have considerable experience in care. They are a combination both of qualified professionals and other individuals who have performed the role of dedicated family carers over many years usually also with some specialist training in care at home.

Current team members include qualified nurses, a specialist in cancer care, clinical research and postgraduate cancer nursing research. Others have experience in a range of terminal illnesses and particularly the intensive care at home of individuals (including family members) suffering from stroke, dementia and other conditions creating high dependency.

Our people also have direct experience of the management of care businesses and understand the practical implications of care regulation and the economics and business realities which are associated with operating care provision. This makes us uniquely able to know what to look for when assessing the operating policies, procedures and priorities of individual care providers and to identify those which are more likely to conduct care delivery in a way which has its focus on the best interests of the person receiving care.

 Members of our team have links with UK universities and teaching hospitals which are carrying out leading edge research into care practices and therapies.

 Supporting our team is a wider group of associates which comprises individual members with additional specialist skills. 


Although we provide a directory of care providers on our website which you may wish to use to search by yourself, you can be certain that we can do a lot more to help you.

Please do contact us. We can assure you of a friendly and professional response whatever your enquiry. Have a look at the testimonials from the link on our home page to see what others have said about our service. We make no charge for our help and we receive no commissions or fees from care providers for referrals so you can be sure of our independence. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We look forward to hearing from you.